Rules Of Engagement: Love & Boundaries

A 6-Week Workshop For Individuals & Couples Who Desire To Understand Love, And Develop The Confidence Necessary For Navigating The Up's & Down's Of Relationships

Relationships have a powerful way of bringing out the best AND the worst in us, don’t they?  

This happens because we don’t know how or what to do to keep them thriving.

Let Me Ask You...

  • Do you have trouble saying no?  
  • Do you know how to ask for what you need?  
  • Do you give and give and then end up feeling resentful?  
  • Do you have trouble speaking up in your relationships?  
  • Want to finally learn what is wrong with your relationship and how to fix it?
  • Are you secretly afraid that if you finally put your foot down and say no your relationship will end?  
  • Do you worry you won’t be seen as the nice and loving person you are if you speak up for yourself and say what you gotta say? 

No one wants to feel like the bully or be the doormat, but most of us do.  

So many us have paralyzing fears and misconceptions about creating love and communicating our personal boundaries (a.k.a. our needs & wants in a relationship). 

You see we’ve got it all wrong. Here’s the truth about setting healthy boundaries:  

  • They allow you to be clear with your partner about what you expect and need. Result: You get what you need and want, which will help you feel more deeply connected to your partner.  
  • They help you feel more confident, be more genuine, and develop mutual respect with your partner. Result: You become more respected by, and attractive to your partner.  
  • They lead to less anger and resentment. Result: A more loving and thriving relationship.  
  • They keep you in tune with your truest self. Result: You have less underlying anxiety and enjoy a more fulfilled life spending time loving and connecting instead of fighting. You get to do the things that matter to you.  
  • They allow you to love wholeheartedly because you know how to speak up and honor yourself. Result: you can be fully committed to your partner and stop having one foot in and the other ready to run.  

This 6-part online workshop will help you: 

  • Discover what a healthy boundary is. No more need for the usual control or collapse.
  • Understand why you must have boundaries to sustain a thriving long lasting relationship.
  • Learn the difference between conditional and unconditional love.
  • Know how to speak up and say what you need to say with respect and confidence.
  • Learn and practice how to communicate your boundaries in a way that works.
  • Practice how to create and hold a boundary with loving strength.
  • Understand how love and relationships really work. (No it's not mysterious and out of our control.)
  • Understand how to focus on the important things that MUST be shared.
  • Learn how to stop wasting your precious time and energy fighting about things that don’t matter.
  • Discover how to create safety so you can express the real you.
  • Experience deeper understanding and connection with the people you love.  

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Class 1: Relationships Begin With Understanding YOU  

Discover what self care really is and how self care or the lack of it ultimately impacts your relationships. After all, you can only show up as good as you feel.  


Class 2: Born to Love - Developing the Courage to Face Your Fears 

How do you develop the courage necessary for love and relationships? What do you do when you feel afraid to communicate what you need? This class will teach you the importance of emotional weightlifting and is sure to give you the strength you need to face your fears and love more. 


Class 3: What the Heck Are Boundaries, & How do I Use them?  

Understand what a boundary is and why they’re necessary for thriving relationships. Learn how to avoid the typical way you navigate relationships with control and manipulation -- or collapsing and giving up. Instead, you’ll learn to step into neutral using simple skills. 


Class 4: How to Identify Your Personal Boundaries Before They Are Crossed  

It is ok to know what you want and how to get it. This week you will practice how to translate your thoughts and feelings into a language you can share with others, and in a way they can actually hear and honor you. They matter and so do YOU.  


Class 5: The 4 C’s for Creating Dynamic Boundaries

1. Call it out 2. Claim your spot 3. Co-mingle differences 4. Continue the conversation  

The 4 C’s Framework was created to make boundaries simple to understand and easy to communicate. Through learning these four simple steps, you will truly be able to teach your partner how to love you best. And, they will do the same for you. No more guesswork!  


Class 6: How to "Do" Boundaries with Loving Strength In Real Life 

Did you know that boundaries are fluid and often change? Most of us think that once you set a boundary it is set in stone and must be defended at all costs. Not true!  

Sometimes you create boundaries that at one point were important but because of your personal growth and understanding, become no longer necessary. You will learn how to spot boundaries that you have outgrown and that may actually be keeping you from what you truly desire. You’ll learn how to determine if you should hold them or let them go from a place of loving strength.  

Regardless of whether You Are Single or Coupled, Truly understanding healthy boundaries is the most important secret to long lasting relationships (and a happier life!) It’s the key to relationships that tingles your toes. 

Join us for this unforgettable workshop that is sure to provide you with the tools you need, so you can experience love for a lifetime.  

You’ll get everything you need to transform your relationship with your partner, your family, and yourself.

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Praise from Graduates of The Love & Boundaries Workshop: 

"This workshop has been enlightening and empowering, Thank you!"

"The Love & Boundaries workshop offered new, and definitely unknown information. It has been a true realization for me."

"I can state how I feel without anger, and can express what I want." 

"Loved this workshop! Practical tools, real life examples."

"This class has passed all of my expectations. It has been amazing!!"

"This workshop reminded me that change is constant, and to keep an open mind with my partner. How to go to pause and be calm when I am feeling fear."

"When I use the framework, my love improves, and we've grown closer. This workshop is really, really good! :)"

"Since taking the workshop, I notice more boldness in communicating my likes/dislikes. Definitely more confidence." 

"I developed courage to interact with others. I began to see who I am and what I want. I can express that now by listening, co-mingling and respecting the thoughts of others."

"I now relate better with my loved ones."

"Gave me the skills to be able to have the conversations that have been bothering me so much."

"This class has given me valuable tools to work with to improve what matters most in relationships. I have a practical frameworks to use. I'm encouraged to be kind to myself and to other truly love others."

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