Create trust again? Yes you can!

We know how this goes... Maybe you’ve experienced a deeply painful betrayal like your spouse cheating on you. Or perhaps smaller experiences of going on a date and really liking the person, only to find out they lied and aren’t who they said they were. Or you're dating someone really great for a few months only to have them totally disappear -- offering up no words of explanation at all. 

These things are heartbreaking. And big or small...they chip away at our sense of self confidence -- and the biggie -- our ability to trust this whole love thing!  

We find ourselves skeptical of other people and we sure don’t trust ourselves. How can we after we feel like we let ourselves down so badly and our picker is broken?!?  

We’re left will I ever trust anyone again?  

How will I ever open myself up again to a relationship and truly allow the love in?  

Isn’t there anyone honest and trustworthy out there who will love me?!

When we get here we feel like there’s just no one left to trust anymore. Ex’s. Potential dates. Ourselves. Truth is, we’re suspicious of them all. Once we’ve been betrayed, it can seem so hard to heal and get back to feeling whole again. And what’s worse, we feel like we have no control over this. Disappointment, frustration, and heartbreak just keep showing up again. So we feel our only option is to build up defensive walls, hoping they’ll keep us safe. But in the end, we’re just left feeling sad, lonely, and scared.  

 Here’s what we’re here to tell you: You can create trust again -- all on your own. That’s exactly what this course will help you do. 

We’ve found that there are a few key elements to building a foundation of trust and simple, yet effective ways to navigate the risks of love and relationships.  

This course will help you minimize these risks, so you have a better strategy than just crossing your fingers and hoping things just work out!  

This is hope, not strategy and skills. And unfortunately, it’s what most of us are left with when navigating love!  

We’re providing you everything you need to create and build trust again in your life in this course.  

We’re going to show you how to…

  •  Understand what trust really is and how to create it.  
  • Use your intuition (a must for trust) to tap into your power.  
  • Take down your walls and replace them with healthy boundaries.  
  • Actively build a foundation for unshakable trust.  

Here Are More Juicy Details...

Create Trust Again? Yes, You Can! is a course made up of four audio lessons. Each lesson comes with worksheets to use so you can easily implement the skills needed for trust. Each module is jam-packed with lessons and comes with an experiential workbook and journal to use as a guide as you listen along:

Conversation 1 -- Understanding the In’s & Out’s of Trust -- In this first lesson, we’ll discover the basic elements of trust. Most of us don't understand where trust comes from and how to create it. We’ll also discuss what destroys trust, and what you can do to keep the trust running strong even in the face of life’s challenges. We’ll also begin to take small but powerful actions on building trust in our lives right away. 

Conversation 2 -- You're Dead if You Stay in Your Head -- The truth of the matter is we can’t fully trust ourselves until we can understand and embrace our intuition -- that inner knowing that we all possess. Most times, when we get intuitive hits, we rationalize and analyze them away. We talk ourselves out of trusting the knowing that makes no sense to our logic. This lesson is going to give you the confidence you need to trust your intuition, along with a tool to use when you find your head and your intuition are fighting with each other.

Conversation 3 -- If You Push Everyone Out, Nobody Get’s In -- This third lesson is all about boundaries. Emotional boundaries are essential to building healthy, long-lasting relationships. They’re also key to rebuilding trust and letting the love in again. At last, you will realize that there is a way to create boundaries that are strong yet loving while watching your trust and confidence skyrocket.

Conversation 4 -- Get Some Love Insurance! -- In this last lesson, we provide you with everything you need to minimize the risks of love with what we call Love Insurance. This insurance empowers you to trust your instincts and gives you the confidence to make difficult decisions, and the strength to move forward after heartbreak happens. No matter what you experience, you’ll know how to move forward without losing yourself. 

When you’re done with this course, you will: 

  • Understand betrayal in all its forms and how it destroys trust.  
  • Learn what healthy boundaries are and how to create them.  
  • Discover that your intuition is a powerful force in your life, and why you must tap into it to build trust.  
  • Recognize when you're ready to trust again.  
  • Realize why trust is something that you give, not something you get.  
  • Know exactly how to create and foster trust in your life.’ll have everything you need to re-establish your own sense of well being and build your foundation to trust again.  

Don't let your lack of trust keep you from experiencing the love that is waiting for you. There is a better way. Take this step forward and enroll in this course. Let love have a presence in your life once again! 

Why should you listen to us?

We are Tom & Staci Bartley — the creators of Lease On Love and Samba, our love filled membership community. We like to think of Samba as LOVE University with tons of mentorship. It's the place we wished we would have had when it came time to navigate through divorce and back to creating love again in our lives.

Before Tom and I got together seven years ago, we both had our very own unique experiences on the road to love. 

We know what it feels like to struggle with:

  • Divorce and shattered hopes and dreams. 
  • Feelings of loneliness and insecurity. (I have a Ph.D. with this one!)
  • The raw feelings of betrayal and bitterness. 

Let’s just say our road to love wasn’t necessarily easy.

However, we learned a thing or two while manifesting our relationship. Things like…

  • There is no such thing as failing at relationships, for each relationship contributes to your life.
  • Wherever you are on your road to love, you can get to where you really want to be. REALLY!
  • Love is for everyone...yes that includes YOU! It’s not just for the lucky, or chosen few. 

We are honored to say, we have supported hundreds of singles and couples over the years -- just like you -- in creating love in their lives.

We’re here today to shake you up and say…“Stop waiting for LOVE. Create it, Live it, Be it!”

You see, we’re on a mission to help you create that extraordinary toe tingling love that you crave!